Chairman’s Message


Dear Children,

 ‘The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.’

The 21st century has opened avenues for growth and changes far greater than any other time in history. In this ever changing and fast evolving world, it is the responsibility of educators to prepare the children for the challenges ahead. The Bal Bharati institutions have constantly evolved and been abreast with the new challenges and opportunities. The curriculum is designed to help the students develop the intellectual quotient, social and emotional skills with special emphasis on etiquettes and morals. Excellent exposure in the field of academics and sports helps make Bal Bharatians truly the citizens of a bright new world. The school offers excellent infrastructure with well stocked libraries, latest sports equipment and state-of-the-art laboratories. Proactive steps have been taken for the safety and security of students in the school premises.

The very motto of the institution ‘To strive for better and better’ truly encapsulates the academic policy and the teaching philosophy which has helped our children explore new dimensions and inculcate knowledge and values in a conducive environment. Students are guided and nurtured by the very capable teachers who help the students broaden their horizon and strive to achieve success.

‘Opportunity does not waste time with those who are un prepared’, so utilise every opportunity that comes your way, make the best use of the golden opportunities offered to you in the school and become the true representatives of the new world order.

 Best of luck for all future endeavours!


Arvind Bhatia


BBPS Nabinagar